Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I don't know what it is, but I am really feeling like I have finally discovered the style that I want to hone as the season progresses. With all that this Fall has to offer fashion wise, I am feeling the creative juices flow and I am loving the way it feels.

After months of not really working on much, I have been burried in my "craft cave" for about a week straight. Any chance I get I am eager to have my sewing machine running and my hot glue gun is heated and ready for action. Which reminds me, that thing really sucks! I need a new one. And a full size one at that. This tiny one that I have is a waste of glue sticks. I think I use almost two hole sticks on each accessory that I have worked on. Blah! Well, I guess I should give the little guy some props, it has gotten the job done so far.

Enough rambling. This Saturday afternoon my sister-in-law, invited me to bring all my stuff to a photo shoot and accessorize models. I don't know that I have been this hyped about anything in quite a while. I have been really trying to focus on creating my version of a "line" of accessories that are all in a category I would call "Vintage Inspired."

In the next month I will be really trying to focus on the direction of my shop and making the kinds of things that I really love. I want to spruce up the boutique and hopefully get the attention of some new peeps!

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