Saturday, April 10, 2010


When I woke up this morning I thought about doing some creative work and instead ended up on the couch. Then I thought about going on a walk. Which I actually did. Well kind of. It was short and sweet with the main motivation behind it being so that my dog could...go. Today is a lazy day. Lacking in motivation entirely. Change is needed.

So I will make a promise to you. My blog. I promise to go work on some things for my little cyber shop with hopes that I will make a sale and it will all feel worth it.

I think that I need patience. I need to have faith that things will work out and that my goals will not be quickly achieved, but that when I do finally achieve them, it will be worth it. All the worry. All the wondering if I am good enough at what I do. It will all be worth it. I believe it will all be worth it. After all, if making things and sharing them with the world is what makes me happy, then isn't it already worth it?

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